“No” to ban on driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants

On Monday, earlier this week, it became clear that an anti-immigrant provision had been moved from the Real ID bill, which had already been vetoed, and put into the Public Safety bill (HF470). This provision prevents undocumented immigrants from getting driver’s licenses, creating all sort of barriers as well as anxieties, and as such is a gratuitous attack on Minnesota’s immigrant community. In spite of great pushback against this provision, a 3 day-and-night occupation of the Governor’s office at the State Capitol, and a last-minute amendment to remove this provision proposed by Senator Patricia Torres Ray, the bill went through and is now on the Governor’s desk. He has 14 days to respond, though he says he will decide by Tuesday night, so 4 days away.

To find out more about the reasons why this provision is so bad, please read the Press Release from the occupation.

Please call or email Governor Mark Dayton and tell him why you are opposed to this provision and ask him to use his power of veto to stop this provision becoming law as part of the Public Safety Bill (HF470).

While you are there, consider thanking him for fighting so hard for clean bills that fully fund essential services, and for the people of Minnesota.

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