Call to Action: Our internet history is not for Sale

Remember when the federal legislature passed a law allowing Internet Service Providers to sell your internet history without your permission, but the Minnesota State Legislature stepped in and passed a bi-partisan bill outlawing this in the state of Minnesota? And then this bill then became a key provision in the Jobs Omnibus Bill?

Well, that is until yesterday, when a GOP committee sneakily removed those provisions from said Jobs Omnibus Bill (SF1937/HF2209).

This is outrageous and even a little bizarre. Please contact ANY or ALL of the Conference Committee members and tell them how outraged you are that they are selling out on their promise to protect your internet privacy. Tell them to put the provision back in the Jobs Omnibus Bill.

Jobs Conference Committee Members

  • House Members
    • Rep. Pat Garofalo (Dist.58B) 651-296-1069; @PatGarofalo
    • Rep. Jim Newberger (Dist.15B) 651-296-2451
    • Rep. Joe Hoppe (Dist.47B) 651-296-5066 @Repjoehoppe
    • Rep. Marion O'Neill (Dist.29B) 651-296-5063
  • Senate Members
    • Sen. Jeremy R. Miller (Dist.28) (651) 296-5649
    • Sen. David J. Osmek (Dist.33) (651) 296-1282
    • Sen. Gary H. Dahms (Dist.16) (651) 296-8138 @sendahms
    • Sen. Paul T. Anderson (Dist.44) (651) 296-9261 @PTAnderson_MN
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