Call to Action: Let the Governor know what you feel about these 2 anti-choice bills that have passed both the Senate and the House.

These bills or similar are regular events in the MN House and Senate, and when they get through, we rely on the Governor to veto them, which until now he always has. And he has said publicly that he will veto them this year, too. However, under this new administration in DC the anti-choice movement is emboldened, and it is very important that we make it absolutely clear that in Minnesota we believe that ALL women must have the right to choose what is best for them and their families!  We must keep Minnesota the island of access for women in the Midwest.

HF809/SF702 will eliminate access to abortion for many low-income women, by stopping state-sponsored health programs from covering the procedure, even if medically necessary, with no exceptions for health of the mother, health of the fetus, rape, or incest.

HF812/SF704 singles out women's health care facilities to adhere to onerous licensure requirements.

Both bills are aimed at limiting abortion access and making it difficult for abortion clinics to operate. (And we all know that these clinics do so much more than just provide abortions.)

Please call the Governor and let him know where you stand on this issue. And it never hurts to let your MN senator and representative know as well. 

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