Save Net Neutrality

Act now to save Net Neutrality. The FCC will vote on repealing net neutrality on Friday, Dec. 14.

Net neutrality gives you access to the entire Internet for a monthly fee. Without it, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can charge extra for certain online activities such as video streaming, gaming, social media, and even email. ISPs can also speed up loading times for websites that pay them extra, while throttling back others, or blocking sites and services as they please. Net neutrality keeps the Internet free and open without corporate interference. 

An Internet free of corporate interference is integral to equality and democracy. Help keep the internet free and open for every American. For more information, check out this article from the LA Times.

Call now to submit your opinion to the FCC about net neutrality. Submit. your comments or call call the FCC at 202-418-1000. If you submit a comment online, the docket number is 17-108.

Tweet and email the following FCC employees to help them understand the importance of net neutrality.

But that’s not all. Call and write to your members of congress to make your feelings heard. Ask them to help protect net neutrality. Tell them that there is no benefit to anyone but big corporations.

Once you’ve submitted your comments and contacted your members of congress, sign this petition and urge your friends to follow in your footsteps.

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