Reclaiming Our Time, In Every Way We Can

With the theme “Reclaiming my time,” members of Women’s March Minnesota (WMM) attended the Women’s Convention in Detroit, Oct. 27-29 — nine months after the 2016 Women’s March on Washington amplified women’s voices in politics and communities nationwide. WMM joined the thousands of women across the country who gathered to learn, share, workshop and get inspired to take on patriarchy and injustices.

Posted by  Women’s March : An illustrated guide to Maxine Waters' #WomensConvention speech and how women across America are #ReclaimingOurTime! Artwork: Emily Jane Steinberg

Posted by Women’s March: An illustrated guide to Maxine Waters' #WomensConvention speech and how women across America are #ReclaimingOurTime! Artwork: Emily Jane Steinberg

We know not everyone could go to Detroit for the convention, so below are a few experiences and takeaways from WMM volunteers.

“It’s not until women reach their potential that American will reach hers,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York at the convention, inspiring one WMM volunteer and University of Minnesota student Jessie Ernester.

It was a strange feeling to know that everyone, regardless race, age, and culture, who attended the conference has had shared experiences of discrimination and degradation solely on the basis being a women. Even more poignant was the intense shared electricity and energy flowing through us that because we are all strong, capable and fierce women, we will relentlessly fight injustices, shatter remnants of the patriarchy, and achieve and surpass our potential.

The women’s convention was very intentional in creating an environment that empowered youth like how to organize events, make speeches march. Armed with the information and inspiration from the convention, I now feel confident taking a stance and creating change in my community.

New connections were made, with WMM Bethany Bradley, Alena Temple, Kristin Bahner, Jammi Hansen Blair and Jessie Ernester representing Minnesota.

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“Starting the morning completely inspired by convention organizer and racial justice and civil rights activist Linda Sarsour,” said WMM Communications Co-Chair Bethany Bradley.

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Sabrina Caprioli, WMM Social Media Coordinator, said her convention experience made it clear — women are “not going to take it anymore,” as Rep. Maxine Waters said, especially on issues of sexism and racism:

We were moved to standing ovations so often you would think it was a Catholic mass. We were moved to tears hearing survivors of all sorts of gendered and racial violence speak, and uncontrollable joy hearing a precocious young black girl deliver a rousing rendition of “Ain’t I a Woman?”

We were so excited to meet new activists who just moved to Minnesota and lifelong ‘Sotans looking to get more involved in their communities. We came away from the convention with lots of great ideas and takeaways, and we have a lot to do -- not least of which is voting in this year’s election!

WMM is inspired; how about you? Attend upcoming events, rallies and “call to action” request to make 2018 mid-terms and 2020 elections representative of all of us!

You can check out photos and videos from the #WomensConvention by following #RelaimingOurTime.

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