Make your voice heard on election day

Minnesotans head to the polls Tuesday, Nov. 7 to vote at the local, state and federal levels. If you’re thinking of sitting this one out, Women’s March Minnesota hopes you’ll reconsider. It’s our mission to harness the power of all women and their communities to create transformative social change and one way to do that is on election day. WMM is not endorsing any party or candidate but working to help spread the word on getting residents to the polls with resources right at your fingertips.

So why vote now?

It’s the right for every citizen above the age of 18 by election day to have their voice heard by voting. It’s also part of our civic duty to take part in free elections, building on the democracy our country was founded on. It’s vitally important to make sure your elected officials represent you and your community. Every few years, we get this this chance to help put into office, or keep, someone who speaks up for our values and ideals.

One person, one vote

Each of us has a vote and with that vote is a voice that matters. We can’t leave it to others to elect someone who can make the changes we want to see--we have to show up at the ballot box. Staying out the vote doesn’t give the true representation of how your community actually feels about issues and policies. Show up and vote!

Hear Our Vote.png

Here are some resources to help you this election:

You can head to your voting place early and cast your vote ahead of Nov. 7 with an absentee ballot. Here’s what you’ll need to know and bring with you.

In Minnesota, you can register to vote on election day. You can find out how here.

You can locate your polling place ahead of time by entering your zip code here.

And although you may feel passionately about a candidate (and that’s great!) that you want to show your support by wearing campaign gear like a t-shirt or button, we want your vote to count so please remove any campaign items before entering your voting place. Find out more by reading the voting place rules.

Here's another resource to breakdown who will be on your ballot, their endorsements and so much more.

Something to consider before going to your polling place is understanding the issues that are important to you, at all levels of government. Where do you stand and where do the candidates stand? We invite you to have a conversation with us on Facebook and Twitter about these issues. Tell us what’s important to you.

Meagan Pierluissi