We contacted 15,000 plus in one night! Way to go Third Thursdays!

1 bar, 2 hours, 50 people = 15,000 voters contacted by text and 600plus cards written! Great GOTV results, folks. Thanks for coming out and working so darn hard. You were phenomenal. And it was fun!

Takeaway: Text banking is a REALLY good way to be in touch with people about voting. And by the end it looked like there was a new group of text bankers ready to lend a hand to some lucky election campaigns.

For last night's texters, you can log back into the Hustle session and continue. There are 8,000 more people to contact on the list. And if you don't want to continue, don't log back in and your conversations will be bumped to someone else to take over.

Thanks to our co-sponsors Indivisible Minnesota Local and thanks to Erin Maye Quade for getting us ready to go.

And while you're looking for the next text bank to sign up to, how about trying the app https://votewithme.us/ to text your friends who live in swing districts to remind them to vote.

Minnesota needs you and everyone else to vote in this election - all the way down the ballot!