Just 18 more days to go! GOTV efforts are going up a gear or three. And they need YOU!

Yes, just 18 more days and every day between now and election day counts.

Volunteer to text/phone bank, door knock, deliver literature, etc., for candidates you support. Call their campaign offices NOW and find out how you can help. Make sure candidates who share your values get elected.

Donate to their campaigns. Did you know the first $50 of your donation will be refunded?

Not sure which campaigns to contact? Check your ballot and see which candidates you want to help get elected and call them.

You can also check the party campaign calendars to find out where you can help.

Don't forget to talk to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers about the elections, make sure they are going to vote and encourage them to join GOTV efforts.

For more on what you can do to GOTV, see: https://www.womensmarchmn.com/…/primaries-get-inv…/7/31/2018

For info to share with people about voting:


Enjoy the weekend! Let's GOTV!