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5 Ways You Can Oppose Trump's Dangerous Gag Rule

Read the original post on Planned Parenthood's website: "5 Ways You Can Oppose Trump's Dangerous Gag Rule." Written by Planned Parenthood:

We can’t stress enough just how devastating Trump's gag rule would be for people everywhere. And time is running out to stop it from going into effect. The rule was designed to block people from going to Planned Parenthood health centers.

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Last week was a not a great week for women:

Iowa voted to ban all abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected (6 weeks), except in cases of rape, incest or medical emergency.

Mn House voted to allow employers to deny coverage for birth control as part of the Health & Human Services (& Transportation) Omnibus bill and they also voted against the Protect Access to Contraception (PAC) Act that would have protected no-cost birth control from further attack from the Administration.

Lastly the Mn Senate passed SF2849, the “ultrasound bill”, legislating that doctors must offer patients, who have chosen to have an abortion, the option of viewing an ultrasound (a right patients already have).

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