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2 Gun Violence Protection Bills 'Tabled' in Committee

Today, the Minnesota Legislature GOP-led Public Safety Committee tabled 2 Gun Control bills, rather than vote on them and go on record with where they stand on Gun Reform Now. This is cowardly!

But we are watching, and in November we will vote.

These 2 bills are now essentially dead, but more gun safety bills are being introduced. We must keep the pressure up!

If your MN Rep sits on the Public Safety committee, contact them and let them know what you think of them delaying sensible gun laws. 

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Rally for Sensible Gun Laws - An Update

Thank you to all who attended today’s Rally for Sensible Gun Laws. What a turn out! What a powerful message for #MNLeg about where we stand on gun violence. #GunReformNow #Enough #NeverAgain #KeepUsSafe

What’s next? Contact your MN legislators and make sure they have heard this message and are ready to fight for it at the Capitol. 

These are the gun related bills in MN Leg so far this session. Talk to your representatives about them:

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