Last weekend of MN 2018 session. Keep the pressure on!

Last weekend of MN 2018 session! House and Senate start work at 1pm today, conference committees are ongoing - they still have a lot to do. Keep the pressure on!

Call, email, tweet the Governor and your legislators about bills you care about. See WatchYourRepsMn for the latest on bills to veto, support, oppose. For more info, see this from Star Tribune Daily Session is useful background too.

Go to the Capitol TODAY and TOMORROW to join others protesting BAD BILLS and INACTION. This is a critical time and it makes a difference.

Some bills to ask Gov. Dayton to veto:

  • Guilty by Association (HF3693/SF3463)

  • Anti-protest bill HF390

  • Line3Greenlight bill HF3759

  • Changes to Met Council and Transport Ad Board SF2809

Some things to ask him to stand strong on and support:

  • Emergency school funding

  • No tip credit

  • Proper funding of public transport and infrastructure

  • and much more....

Other things to call for:

  • Gun sales background checks and red flag law

  • Distracted driving proposal

  • Stop 7% cut to supportive services for Minnesotans with disabilities

  • and much more......