Another school shooting - rally for gun control at the Capitol Sat May 19th

Another school shooting (22nd of this year), this time at Sante Fe High School, Texas. The fatalities are now up to 10. Our hearts break for yet another community traumatized by gun violence. And we are angry. We demand meaningful action on gun control NOW!

Join Protect Minnesota TOMORROW at 12.30pm the Capitol. Keep the pressure on MN Legislators to listen to the people and pass sensible gun laws NOW, this session, before it is too late.

Protect MinnesotaLike Page3 hrs · Another school shooting in Texas. At least 8 dead. Scores injured. Thousands traumatized. Funerals will now take the place of graduation celebrations.There have been 22 school shootings in America so far this year. The next one could be in Minnesota.

last chance to save lives, protect Mn

BUT THE MAJORITY LEADERSHIP IN THE MINNESOTA LEGISLATURE DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN. If you are mad as hell at the obstructionism we’ve seen at the Minnesota legislature this (and every!) year, join us SATURDAY, MAY 19, at 12:30pm on the Capitol steps for Protect Minnesota’s LAST CHANCE TO SAVE LIVES RALLY.

If it rains, we’ll move the Rally to the Vault in the basement of the Capitol building. After the Rally, we’ll take to the hallways outside the House and Senate chambers and make some noise. Don’t let them get away with saying they ran out of time to pass sensible gun laws this year. Help us hold them accountable for putting the wealth of the gun lobby over the welfare of Minnesota students.

Bring your righteous fury, and WEAR ORANGE!

Let’s not give up. Let’s keep working for sensible gun laws.

Let’s PROTECT MINNESOTA from gun violence!