Final days of argument before PUC decision on Line 3. Can you attend?

There are 3 or possibly 4 more days left of the Public Utility Commission meeting to discuss the pros and cons of the Line 3 project. At the end of these meetings, the PUC will decide if Line 3 goes ahead.

Can you help pack the room on any of these days (part or full day is okay):

  • Tuesday June 26th
  • Wednesday 27th
  • Thursday 28th
  • possibly Friday 29th

For more details on the meetings: or

Sign up to attend. If you are an early riser, please queue up anytime from 5:30 am or later - whenever you can make it - to get a ticket for our side in the main hearing room. Tickets are given out at 8am.

Did you know that 68,244 people submitted comments against Enbridge proposed Line3? Only 3,756 supported it!

“We aren’t selling our souls for a barrel of oil.” "Enbridge’s spills are left to us, it’s our water, our trees, our lands at stake." Quotes from video of MN landowners reacting to proposed new line 3 route -

If you can't make the meetings but want to keep up with the discussion, follow:

  1. Dan Kracker and Elizabeth Dunbar on Twitter.

  2. Facebook: Honor The Earth, MN 350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota, Stop Line 3, and Sierra Club North Star Chapter

  3. Website: Honor the Earth, MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota, Stop Line 3 and Sierra Club North Star Chapter

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Stop Line 3!