End of 2018 Session But There's More To Do

2018 session finished last night in a mad rush and a flurry of bills getting passed in the final hours and even minutes. The Governor now has 2 weeks to either veto these bills or sign them into law. This is the  time to let the Governor know what you think of these bills.

One thing to call the Governor about to make sure he knows to veto HF3693, the Guilty by Association bill Ask him to stand firm on securing adequate emergency funding for schools, proper regulation for eldercare

For a great assessment of what got done and what didn’t, see this MPR article and radio coverage.  For more detail on what is in the bills and what got left out, see the latest articles.

Know what bills have been vetoed and what have been signed into law.

This is also a good time to let your legislators know what you think of how the session has gone. Issues you might want to cover are:

  • Packing budget bills with policy bills (which is unconstitutional)

  • Cramming lots of bills into one large omnibus rather than dealing with them as single bills

  • No action on gun control bills

  • Letting corporate interests dominate the agenda

  • While you are at it, remind them that the Midterms are coming!

Find out who represents you

To contact Governor Dayton – call 651-201-3400 or email him