ACLU-MN Sues MN Law Enforcement for Helping ICE Deport Our Neighbors

Last year Myriam Parada of Minnesota was the victim in a car crash, but ended up being unlawfully arrested and jailed by the Coon Rapids police who attended the crash, and then transferred to Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As a result, Myriam is now fighting deportation from the US, and ACLU-MN is suing Anoka County Sheriff's office and Coon Rapids Police Department for how they handled this case. See more details on this case here:

Please help us send a strong message to these departments to say that proactively helping ICE deport members of our MN community is NOT okay. It is breaking up families and terrorizing immigrant communities.

Contact Anoka County Sheriff's Office and Coon Rapids PD and remind them that they are not immigration officials. They do not have the authority to hold detainees in custody for ICE. They should not be arresting and jailing people because of their race or national origin.

Thanks to ACLU of Minnesota for information on this case.

Other ICE activity in MN: update on the deportation case of Augsberg Prof. Wanyama that we featured last week- see

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