Don’t Give Up On Talking About Gun Control Bills!

Congress is on Spring recess. Your US Senators and Representative should be home. Check to see if they have a Town Hall planned and if not, ask them for one or go to their office to talk about issues and legislation that concern you. Or simply call or email them.

Here’s something to remember to push them on:

  • Conceal carry Reciprocity Act (HR38/S446) This bill would allow people from one state with a permit to conceal carry to do the same in any other state that allows conceal carry.
  • HR38 already passed in the House in December 2017. S446 is expected to be taken up in the Senate this year.

Let your US Representatives know what you feel about the way they voted in the House on this bill – Paulsen, Emmer and Lewis voted for the bill.

Make sure your US Senators know how you feel about expanding gun rights in this way and that you expect them to do all in their power to stop this bill. And other pro-gun legislation.

Other bills to talk to your members of Congress about:

  • Ban on Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines - S.2095
  • Expanding Background Checks to cover all gun sales - S.2009
  • Gun Violence Restraining Order law - H.R.2598/ S.1212
  • Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act - S.1856/H.R.1556

For more on this see here from a post 2 weeks ago that continues to be relevant today as well as this piece; Enough-WMM Demands.

Don’t know who your US Congresspeople are? Find out here.