Environmental Legislation Information:

There are some bad environmental bills going through. Let’s take action!

HF3759/SF3510 proposes to grant Enbridge the right to immediately construct Line 3, completely eliminating the current Public Utilities Commission permit process. This means that Enbridge would be able to bypass any processes seeking to make sure that Line 3 would not have a negative impact on the environment or any of the communities who live in the areas the line will run through. For more on this see: Enbridge Fact Sheet

HF3759 has a hearing on 3/27 in the Jobs Growth Committee. If you get to this in time, please the Chair of this committee, Rep. Garafalo, as well as your legislator, if they are a member of this committee. Otherwise, contact your legislator and let them know why you think this bill needs to be stopped.  

Jobs Growth Committee members list and contacts

HF3693/SF3463 turns a misdemeanor offense into a felony crime for “critical infrastructure” trespassing for both the trespasser or those recruiting or educating individuals to do the same. This is an assault on free speech laws and seeks to particularly punish activists who do actions around pipelines. Learn More.

HF3693 has a hearing in the Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, March 28th . Please contact the Chair of this committee, Rep.Brian Johnson, as well as any committee member who is your legislator with your opinions on this bill.

Public Safety Committee members and contact details