2018 Women's Leadership Conference: Muslim Women Strong

Hosted by: RISE

The mission of RISE is to amplify the voice and power of Muslim women through leadership development, community engagement and philanthropy. 

We train and equip women with the necessary skills to engage and participate in civil life, become part of the solution-creating decision making process, and improve society as a whole.

March 3, 7:30-430 - Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, 5601 W 78th St., Minneapolis, MN 55439


TICKETS ON SALE! After Feb 1 tickets will be $75.00

Keynote: Ibtijah Muhammad - Bronze Medalist American Olympian Sabre Fencer.

Entertainment by: Pearls of Islam - London, UK


  • Spiritual Self Care
  • Writing for Social Change
  • Intersectionality -Faith, Gender, Race, and Culture
  • Networking 2.0
  • Improv
  • Violence Against Women 

ASL Interpreters available

*Dear Allies, please make space for Muslim women. This space has been created specifically for those that identify as Muslim women.