MN Legislative Special Session Continues - Please Call/Tweet MN House Speaker, Sen Majority Leader, Gov. Dayton and your Reps

Come on MN Legislature – you can do better than this! 

MN Legislature is now in day 2 of the 1 day Special Session. As of 7 am Wed morning, the negotiated end-time of the Special Session, just 2 bills (taxes and education) had passed the House, 3 out of 7 of the bills hadn’t even been released. (There’s no time to read what’s in the bills anyway). And nothing had been sent to the Governor.

To make matters worse, provisions have been added or moved around. Family Paid Leave and Pension Reform has been included in the pre-emption bill. The anti-immigrant driver’s license provision added to Public Safety is a gratuitous attack on Minnesota’s immigrant community. This makes the bills much more complicated and time consuming to debate, and harder for the Governor to make a clear decision on. MPR has a good summary.

It is unclear how long it will take for the budget bills to be agreed upon, but for right now it means there is more time to make sure the Legislature knows who they are representing and how you want them to vote. 

Please call House Speaker Daudt 651-296-5364, Senate Majority Leader Gazelka 651-296-4875 and Governor Dayton 651-201-3400 and tell them that the way they are conducting the negotiations on these very important budget bills is ultimately unfair to the people of Minnesota.

The GOP needs to stop playing games, produce bills that fund services, not try to log roll controversial policies that cannot pass on their own, give legislators time to read those bills, and take votes during the day. All-nighters are for college students, not how you run a government.

Tell Dayton that you support his use of the veto to protect the people of Minnesota from extreme GOP legislation being forced through in the dark.

For good measure – call or tweet your own MN Rep and Senator and let them know what you think about this.  Don’t know who represents you? Visit this page

(Thanks to Watch Your Reps MN for some of this language).