Last minute calls or tweets to your MN Reps and Senators and the Governor about ASAP!

The deadline for 2017 leg. session is midnight Monday 22nd. It’s nearly over - one last call!

Both House and Senate are in session today late into the night, as well as conference committees working on Gov., Public Safety, Jobs and Higher Ed budget bills (and possibly Elections,) according to MnLeg schedules. Lots of decisions being made!

Here are some provisions in these bills to be in touch with legislators about TODAY:

State Gov. bill (HF399) includes the following:
- cuts Public Campaign Finance Subsidy Program, making it harder for ordinary people without big bucks to run for office. 
- cuts funding for Office of the Economic Status of Women (advises legislature, provides info. and stats on MN women, eg., work, income, edu., pop., health, children, etc).

Public Safety bill (HF470) includes the following:
– provision stopping Commissioner of Public Safety from changing rule requiring applicants for Driver’s Licenses show their lawful status = stops undocumented immigrants getting driver’s license.

Jobs bill – Internet Privacy Amendment to protect Minnesotans from internet providers selling their personal search history (thanks to Paul Thissen) has been blocked by MN House.

Election bill (SF514) – includes provisional balloting system to suppress voter turnout. Shame on them! UPDATE - this provision just got removed.

Call Governor Dayton (651-201-3400) @GovMarkDayton and let him know what you think about these provisions. Thank him for standing up for Minnesotans and tell him that he has your support to veto bills with controversial policy provisions.

Call Majority Leader of the House, Rep. Kurt Daudt (651-296-5364) @kdaudt and Majority Leader of the Senate, Sen. Paul Gazelka (651-296-4875) @paulgazelka and let them know what you think about these provisions.

Call or tweet your MN Senators and Reps and tell them what you think. Don't know who they are?

Common Cause MN suggest at this point tweeting legislators is more effective than calling or emailing, though we think calling the governor is still the best idea.

For more details on the bills:

Here is a great article on why loading budget bills with policy is a bad idea:…/david-schultz-preventing-legis…/

And one on why the kind of last minute rush job on budget bills that we are seeing this session is a bad idea:…/…/