Call to Action: “No” to Trump’s Budget Proposal

In order to pay for increased spending on Defense (54 billion), the Wall (2.6 billion) and De Vos’s School Voucher Program (1.4 billion), Trump’s draft budget cuts the EPA by 30%, the State Dept by 29%, Ag Dept. by 21%, and the list goes on - education, arts, housing & urban dev, health & human services. This is not okay. Let your US MoCs know what you feel about this budget. The real budget is due to come out on 1st May.

Dear Representative/Senator_________________, Please oppose Trump’s Budget attacks on federal government programs – it is cruel and ill-advised. We need to be investing in education, protecting the environment, looking after the sick, poor and elderly. This budget will impact the most vulnerable in our country and it will make our country poorer in so many ways.

National LegA S