Call to Action: Defend federal funding for "sanctuary cities"

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has threatened to withhold Justice Department grant funding from jurisdictions that refuse to disclose people's immigration status to the federal government. This policy targets the nation's approximately 60 "sanctuary cities," which include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Boston, that have refused to cooperate with federal ICE deportations of noncriminal undocumented immigrants. This proposal is at odds with the Tenth Amendment, though Sessions hopes to get around this problem by only cutting funding to local and state law enforcement In this way the Trump administration and Jeff Sessions are interfering with state and local policy, violating the Constitution and undermining local governments' ability to protect their people.

Contact the U.S.  Department of Justice - who are driving legislation related to this issue - on tel: 202 353 1555,  and let them know that you think this proposal is unconstitutional and will only to serve to endanger public safety. 

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