New Gun Regulations Introduced

Following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, a number of new bills on gun regulation have been introduced. Here are a few of them. Let’s help them get through!

  1. Sen. Feinstein introduced a bill (S1916) to prohibit the possession or transfer of certain firearm accessories, and for other purposes. This will ban “bump stocks,” a device that essentially turns a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon by enabling it to fire continuously, but without the required regulation that accompanies automatic weapons. This device was used by the killer in Las Vegas last week. 

    This bill already has 38 co-sponsors, including Senantors Klobuchar and Franken. 

    Find out more about this bill.
  2. Sen Blumenthal introduced a bill (S1923) to prohibit firearms dealers from selling a firearm prior to the completion of a background check. This bill has 22 co-sponsors, but not Senators Klobuchar or Franken yet.

    Follow the progress of this bill.

    Please thank Senators Klobuchar and Franken for co-sponsoring S1916 and ask them to do the same with S1923. Call friends and family in states with senators who have not yet co-sponsored these two bills and ask them to do so.
  3. Rep. Cicilline introduced the House companion to Feinstein’s bill (HR3984) and it already has 164 co-sponsors, including Representatives McCollum, Ellison, Walz and Nolan. If you live in an area represented by Paulsen, Emmer, Peterson or Lewis, call them and ask them to sponsor this bill. 

    See who has co-sponsored this bill.

Don’t know who your rep is? Find out here and take action!