Spread the Word for the ACA

The Graham-Cassidy bill was another, and likely not final, attempt to strip Americans access to affordable health care. Your phone calls, emails and appeals to Congress made all the difference. The resistance worked in defeating a devastating bill and can continue to work. Thank you!

The rush to get a new health care bill through Congress was due to a deadline: Sept. 30. The Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) stays in place, at least for the time being due to special budget rules allowing a simple majority—50 votes instead of the normal 60—which would require Democrats voting to overhaul the ACA as well as Republicans. Now, Congress is forced to work together if they hope to improve the ACA or overhaul it altogether.

You made this possible.

The ACA still needs your help, though. The Trump administration has slashed advertising funds for the ACA Open Enrollment, hoping millions more don’t find the coverage they need. The reduction in advertising means getting the word out about the enrollment period, which is something each of us to help spread.

Here’s some easy ways you can help:

Share and retweet image so help spread the word!

Share and retweet image so help spread the word!