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The need to understand complex and deeply-rooted issues is the foundation of progress. Women’s March Minnesota is committed to truth and activism that is informed by the knowledge and experience of those whose lives are most affected. We believe that communities know what is best for themselves and seek to support them in their activism and amplify awareness of the issues their work. Women’s March Minnesota aims to educate and connect our community with information about this grounded work and the issues that work aims to address. We also want to provide the most relevant, informed, and credible sources of information on a broad spectrum of topics related to our unity principles. As we evolve from a march to a movement, we know that knowledge is power and necessary to combat structural inequity and oppression. 

The communities we live in or that surround us are face inequity—from systematic oppression to daily macroaggressions—violence, trauma, and a lack of resources. Often communities facing these issues also go unheard and are unsupported in their activism. We at WMM believe we best serve by supporting and amplifying the voices and needs of others. We do that by sharing their information and actions; working with them to identify opportunities to join their activism; listening; sharing information; hosting events; showing up to their events in support; and giving our time and resources, like volunteers. Developing strong relationships with community partners is of the utmost importance to WMM.

It is not always easy to know how and where to get involved. But the time is now. It is not always comfortable to step out of our known experiences into the unknown of someone else’s experience. But it is a necessary component of activism. Life is challenging and is in constant motion, continually challenges us—for some more than others. To make this world a better place, it requires us to take action. For those of us that benefit from privilege, it is necessary to show up in spaces that are unsafe for those who are oppressed. WMM aims to empower everyone to activate and take action—a measurable difference that results in more people to the polls, more people taking to the streets to demand change, more positive outcomes at the local, state and national level. We can take those first small steps that turn into giant leaps for lasting change - a march to a movement!



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