Why MNxMN 2018

As a Women's March Minnesota board member, I'd love to share with you why I feel passionate about the upcoming MNxMN conference and am grateful that WMM is a partner in it. 

All my teenage and adult life I've marched, volunteered and pulled off what were sometimes crazy events, all in the name of social justice. Some were with my friends, some with my family or some with my synagogue. But I never found a true home in organizing. I went from group to group and issue to issue, because everything all seemed so important — women's rights, the rights of immigrants and refugees, the environment, anti-war movements, and supporting progressive candidates. 

If one good thing came out of that fateful day — Nov. 8, 2016 — it's the galvanizing force of activists, some new, some old, some well-established at collaborating, and some unintentionally working from the silo of a single issue, now coming together to work together. 

MNxMN 2018: Beyond Resistance, is a Social Justice Conference for organizers and activists to learn how to support each other in causes and initiatives. We'll work together to envision and create a Minnesota that we can believe in. One that is fair, equitable, and representative of all Minnesotans. We'll get to spend a day together to dive deep into many topics. You can expect exceptional workshops from seasoned experts in their fields, some designed to provide you with more information on the issues, others designed to give organizers more tools to work with and more ways to build community.  We hope you can join us.  

Learn more about MNxMN and how you can get involved.