Reflections on learning and growth


Nine months ago, everything changed for me. I went from a social media activist to a person who shows up. I stepped out of my comfort zone and volunteered in a role that would become much more than I ever expected.

It has been an honor.

I have met the most remarkable leaders. People who continually inspire and encourage; who teach and listen to my questions, the most wise and patient people I’ve ever known.

I have met amazing women that I did not know 9 months ago, but now it feels weird if I go more than a few days without talking to them. Women who believe in change and are working nonstop to do just that.

I have had the chance to engage in some really, messy and difficult conversations.

My life. My role. My view of—everything—has flipped. I have become a new and better person.

I am in a constant state of learning. I read books and commentaries until I doze off on my couch. Then I wake up, move to the bed, determined to go right to sleep and often read one more. I meet with people who have been and continue to be leaders in the movement because I have a deep desire to learn and understand. I want to be informed. I want to be ready.

I believe one of the greatest things we can do in this movement is to never feel like we have the answers. To continue to ask questions, to seek to understand. To wonder and ask what our role is, without shame or embarrassment, because asking is the right thing. So many have gone before us and continue to lead and welcome us in.

I hear from so many women (and some men) that they are afraid to show up for fear of doing or saying something wrong. And I say pish posh to that. Show up in solidarity. Do not feel like you need to lead or even speak. Listen, learn and hear the voices of others. Engage and build relationships. Volunteer. Donate.

Now that I’ve shared a bit of my journey with you, I hope you’ll let me ask you a few things. Will you join me? Will you listen to the voices of those leaders and show up when they ask? Will you challenge yourself when something you hear or read feels uncomfortable to keep going—will you step into humility and be willing to say, “I don’t understand, but I want to. Are you willing to teach me?”

I hope you will. I believe you can.

I’m including some links below for you to check out. There’s a sprinkling of different topics and views, but all are so insightful. All of them help us understand. They challenge us to grow.

Bethany Bradley
Steering Committee

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