Women's March National's Statement on the White Nationalist Gathering in Charlottesville

Women's March National put out the following statement:

We are horrified by today's violent acts in Charlottesville, Virginia. There are no 'both sides' here. Our nation’s leadership has intentionally appointed, promoted and empowered people with unabashed white supremacist and neo-Nazi stances.

The groundwork for what we see today has been laid for centuries with the dehumanization of black people, Jewish people, Muslim people, women, LGBTQIA people, indigenous people and all vulnerable people. Today we see this hatred, racism and bigotry rise in boldness because it is being affirmed by our highest office.

Since our founding, the mission of the Women's March has been uniting women, our families, and our allies across differences, to struggle for an America that represents and protects us all.

We must call these acts what they are: terrorism. Our condolences are with the families of the innocent victims who were injured and killed. With heavy hearts, we raise our fists in the air and pledge to keep building an America where protecting the most marginalized among us is protecting us all.