Wall of Forgotten Natives

Minneapolis Franklin Hiawatha camp - find out about the issues and how to help.

The Wall of Forgotten Natives first appeared a month ago. This temporary encampment now holds about 300 homeless people and 150 tents. Many organizations and agencies are working to support the people at camp and to find stable accommodation for them. Listen to Patina Park of Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors (MUID) and Minnesota Indian Women’s Resources Center to understand the issues behind the Mpls Franklin Hiawatha camp and to find out what you can do to help.

Digital Smoke Signals Video - The Wall of Forgotten Natives - The tent encampment in Minneapolis, MN along the Hiawatha/Franklin Ave Wall. An introduction to the issue and what we need.

To donate money NOW, click here. To learn more about the camp and the organizations who are involved, see here. Scroll down on the page for items the organizations need to be donated and for opportunities to volunteer. And to follow the Haiwatha Franklin Camp blog mentioned by Patina in the video, see here. For the latest developments on the camp see here.