The MN Equal Rights Amendment bills need your help!


Super fun ERA MN event on Sat 2/2 at the Hook and Ladder! Great live music, burlesque performers, a film AND an update from Rep. Kunesh-Podein and Sen. Pappas on the Equal Rights Amendment bills going through the MN legislature right now. They are both authors of 2 of the 4 bills.

The news is that the senate bills need your help!

While the House bills are moving along nicely, (HF13 was heard by Gov Ops Committee and now goes to Ways and Means; HF71 was also heard and has been referred to General Register and will probably go for a vote in the House in early March), the Senate bills need help.


Both senate bills (SF200 and SF208) just lost their 3 Republican authors, possibly over the same issue raised by Rep. Zerwas at the Jan 24 hearings of the House ERA bills. See what happened at the committee. It’s worth the read!

Please contact your MN senator and urge them a) to support these bills, b) to keep them clean with NO amendments and c) ask them to demand a hearing for the bills asap.

Thank you!

We'll keep you updated when it's time to make some more noise about the bills in the House.

Not sure who your MN senator is? Check this look-up tool from the legislature.

#EqualityForAll #ERANow