Restore the Vote to Minnesotans!

The bill to restore the vote to 52,000 Minnesotans on felony probation - that means out of prison, living in the community, working, paying taxes, but still on probation (which in MN can last for 40 years) - is currently in the House State Government Appropriations omnibus and being discussed in conference committee.  

Help us keep the pressure up to ensure Restore The Vote (RTV) stays in the bill!

  1. Contact the State Government Appropriations conference committee members - House: Representatives Nelson, M.; Freiberg; Ecklund; Dehn; Kiel. Senate: Senators Kiffmeyer; Anderson, B.; Koran; Mathews; Carlson - and tell them why RTV needs to stay in the omnibus. Contact them even if you are not their constituent. Contact info in graphics below

  2. Contact Gov. Walz and Lt. Gov. Flanagan with the same message. Contact info in graphics below

  3. Phone bank for Restore the Vote on Tuesday, May 14

Did you know?

  • Of the 52,000 Minnesotans this bill will restore the vote to, 64% are from Greater Minnesota; 35,000 are white; 12,000 are Black; 3,000 are Latinx; 3,000 are Native Americans; and 11,000 are women

  • In Minnesota, African Americans are seven times more likely to be denied the vote than white Minnesotan

  • Although Minnesota has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the nation, Minnesota probation and supervision rates are among the highest and longest. Some people are on probation for 10, 15, 20, even 40 years. That means they are working and paying taxes but unable to vote.

More on why RTV is so important