Really? No gun control bills at all? Come on Minnesota!

Out of 26 gun-control bills introduced in Mn Leg, only 2 have had hearings this 2018 session, and NONE have been passed. And all this in spite of the Parkland shooting, numerous rallies, school Walkouts, national marches, repeated call on lawmakers to institute sensible gun laws. It seems that

MN Leg Committee Chairs refuse to hold hearings on these bills so their members can avoid going on record with their votes on this high profile issue in this election year. Let’s tell them what we think!

Last week Rep. Loon, Chair of the House Education Committee, was just the latest example of Mn Legislators blocking progress on sensible gun laws. She disallowed discussion and a vote on an amendment proposed by Rep Jim Davnie to extend background checks to all gun sales. 90% of Minnesotans support expanding background checks to include private sales. The reason Rep. Loon gave for her actions was that gun reform is a “difficult” issue. For more on this and what you can do about it, see  Protect MN’s press release

Sadly, with zero movement on sensible gun laws, our Call to Action from March 25th is still accurate, so please look here for information on all the other bills to mention to your legislators, Mn Leg Leadership (particularly Chairs of both House and Senate Public Safety Committees, Rep. Johnson and Sen. Limmer) and Governor Mark Dayton.

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