Minnesota Legislative Session is Nearing an End

In less than two weeks the 2019 legislative session will  end. The Conference Committees are underway, but the Senate, House and Governor cannot agree on high level budget targets. It’s getting stressful.

Big roadblocks

  • Sunset of the provider tax | This will put a $700M hole in the Health and Human Services budget. Governor Walz wants to keep this tax, the GOP want to let it expire without a plan to replace it.

  • Education | The GOP budget doesn't keep up with inflation and barely funds schools. Despite bipartisan support of education across the state, their budget gives schools no new dollars. They are not willing to raise revenue which means money must come from somewhere else. Their initial offer was to take more money from Health and Human Services.

  • Transportation | The GOP has declared the increased gas tax a non-starter. We currently have a $600M/year shortfall in our transportation funding. Again the GOP says they can meet the needs without raising revenue which means they will have to take that money from other areas of the budget.

There are also many important bills that made it through the House, but the Senate has refused hearings - Equal Rights Amendment, Restore the Vote, Gun Safety measures, Drivers Licenses for All, and many more WMM legislative priorities.

Now is a really important time to be in touch with your legislators about the bills that matter to you. It is also a crucial time to contact conference committee members - remember, you do not have to be their constituent to contact them. A good way to keep up with critical bills is through Indivisible Minnesota Legislative Action daily updates - here’s the latest.

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