Mama's Bail Out Day! - Let's help MN moms get home to their kids.

Great Opportunity to help local moms and their families! Here's how to support Mama's Bail Out Day!

Across the US, women are needlessly stuck in prison for non-violent crimes simply because they can't afford to pay bail. Even a short time in prison can destroy lives through loss of jobs, loss of housing, break up of the family. Let's help some MN moms get home to their kids and their lives by Mother's Day.

NAACP MPLS, Black Visions Collective, Women's Foundation of Minnesota, National Bail Out and The Coven are working together to raise funds and awareness of this situation. Please support them by:

  • Attending the Mama's Bail Out Panel, Tuesday (5/8) 6-8pm to learn about this issue and the important work being done here in MN.
  • Donating to the Mama's Bail Out Fund. GREAT NEWS - Women's Foundation MN has offered a dollar-for-dollar match up to $10,000!

For more details on all this: Mamas Day Bail Out