Keep going with pressuring the Senate about hearing gun safety bills - it’s working!

Good news! Senate Majority Leader Gazelka says he will allow the Senate to hear gun safety bills, IF they pass in the House. (The House versions, HF8 + HF9, have already passed a number of committees). Read more about it.

Thank you! Your calls and emails have helped make this happen. Please keep them coming!

Contact your MN state representative AND your MN state senator ASAP and tell them why you want them to vote YES on both of these bills. Please also contact Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and Senator Warren Limmer, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and let them know why it is so important that these bills get a hearing and a vote.

For more details and talking points on HF8/SF434 (Criminal Background Check) and HF9/SF436 (Red Flag) see Protect Minnesota's website.

Not sure who your legislators are? Check this legislator look-up tool.