Kavanaugh Hearings


Kavanaugh hearings start - follow them and the protests around them.   And take action to #SaveSCOTUS.

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings have started. Follow them on Live Guardian or on C-Span (For Sen. Klobuchar’s objections to the hearings, see mins 3 and 35 of Live Guardian video).

Women’s March and others can be heard disrupting the proceedings. See @women’smarchonwash on Facebook for good coverage of Women’s March’s #CancelKavanaugh campaign.

What can you do now? Indivisible are calling for people to sign up NOW for a phone banking shift this week to #StopKavanaugh. Call undecided Senators in different states between now and next Monday from your home. It's easy. Sign up here. For more on Indivisible’s campaign to #SaveSCOTUS and reasons Kavanaugh must NOT be confirmed to the Supreme Court, see here.

We must keep the pressure up and #SaveSCOTUS! For other actions to take NOW see here (link to the latest C2A on Kavanaugh.

Heidi Ripplinger