Indigenous Women and Girls Deserve Justice

Native Lives Matter Coalition

Native Lives Matter Coalition

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Taskforce bill (HF70), passed in the MN House today! We are one step closer to safety and justice.

After the House vote, activists left letters for Senator Limmer asking him to take this bill out omnibus limbo and onto the Senate floor for a vote. Join them by urging MN senators to send this bill (SF515) to the Senate floor and vote yes.

Other actions you can take now

  1. Call Senator Limmer (651-296-2159) and ask him to send the MMIW bill to the Senate floor for a vote, too

  2. Call your MN state senator and ask them to make the same demand of Sen. Limmer

Reminder: The women fighting for this bill demand it be passed on its own merits, so it cannot be used as a pawn in last-minute negotiations.

Let’s get this task force established and funded. Indigenous women and girls deserve to be safe. They deserve justice. And it’s long past time they were heard.

For more info on the bill and the epidemic of violence against Indigenous women