Call your Senator to delay #SCOTUS votes until after the election.

Terrible news from the Supreme Court this week dealing serious blows to women’s reproductive rights, marriage equality, immigrant’s rights and workers’ rights. And now conservative but not far-right Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire on July 31st 

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So what can we do now? Contact Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Tina Smith and ask them to enforce the McConnell Rule of 2016;

No hearings and no votes on a Supreme Court nominee until after the midterm elections are over and the new Congress is seated.

Urge them to block any candidate who couldn’t get significant bi-partisan support. Seat no one who is  anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-worker’s rights, anti-immigrant, anti-equity, anti-voter rights, etc. Contact friends in other states and urge them to do the same, particularly if they live in Alaska and Maine. Then commit yourself to door knocking, phone banking, registering people to vote, supporting progressive candidates running for elections – whatever you can  to help get the right people in office at every level.

Senators’ contact details:

  • Sen Amy Klobuchar (202 224 3244)
  • Senator Tina Smith (202 224 5641)