Support DACA, TPS, and DED Recipients!

A chance for Congress to reach a legislative resolution for DACA, TPS and DED recipients!             

Congress has another chance THIS WEEK to pass legislation to protect Dreamers - by insisting a clean Dream Act be included in the must-pass gov. spending bill (by 23rd March). They should also include protections for TPS and DED recipients. Let's get the whole job done!

Call US Senators Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar and urge them to fight with all their might for this to happen.

Reps Emmer and Paulsen have said they support Dreamers. If they are your Reps, call them, and Rep Lewis too, and demand that they get on with it. Ask them to stand up for Minnesota's 5,000 plus TPS recipients and our American-Liberian community as well, many of whom rely on DED status to stay here. (The DED program ends on 3/31).


  • For more information on this situation, as well as contact details for your members of Congress, see here 

For more on how this situation is impacting some members of the Minnesotan American-Liberian community