Anti-Abortion Legislation: Act Now!

Take Action on Anti-abortion bills

Here are 2 bills that are working their way through the legislative process. Although Governor Dayton will most likely veto them, they may well be used as a bargaining chip in later omnibus bills, and so it is better to make your position on these bills clear now. Contact your state representatives as well as the Governor and let them know why you oppose these bills. Try also to get your representative to go on record with their position on these bills and why.  

HF3194/SF2849 This bill requires providers to offer patients the option of having an ultrasound just prior to an abortion. This is unnecessary as patients already have the right to an ultrasound. Doctors should determine the health care needs of patients, not legislators. This bill is about shaming women who choose to have an abortion by implying they do not have all the information they need to make that decision.

HF3194 has passed through committee and is ready to be voted on in the House. Contact your state Rep and let them know your views on this bill and get their position on it, particularly if you live in the suburbs.

SF2849 will be heard today (3/27) at 3pm in the Health and Human Services Committee. If you have time today and your Mn Senator is on this committee, contact them about this bill. If they aren’t, contact the committee chair. If you don’t get to this until after the committee hearing, contact your senator. Let them know your views on the bill and ask them how they intend to vote.

Here is the list of Health & Human Services committee members and contact details