Lend a hand to a local SHEro in need

July 6, 2016 changed Diamond Reynolds’ life. While she watched her fiancé die next to her that night, she took a brave risk: live-streaming the incident for the world to see. During her tragedy, witnessing her partner’s death first-hand, she was unjustifiably detained, handcuffed and unable to comfort her 4-year-old daughter who was there at the scene. 

Her bravery changed the debate about police violence forever, shedding light on an on-going conversation and forcing it to center stage for Minnesotans who hadn’t previously witnessed, acknowledged or experienced the brutality suffered by many communities each day.

Reynolds has lost everything in the wake of this injustice. Now she is struggling to regain her footing as she continues to cope with the tragedy. Women’s March Minnesota’s mission is to harness the power of all women to create social change. We believe that supporting Ms. Reynolds to get back on her feet is a critical opportunity to demonstrate support to a woman and local ’Shero’ whose current adversity is the result of her actions and involvement that night. 

She’s not alone. As thousands came together to protest in the wake of the infamous death, his cousin, Louis Hunter, was singled out and charged with two counts of felony riot. He continued to be targeted in the aftermath. Authorities took his vehicle and now he’s been evicted from his apartment, where he had been a perfect tenant for over a year—all while he was facing charges that could have resulted in 20 years in prison.

We believe this is an opportunity to support to two individuals who took the risk to stand up and demonstrate that we will remain with them and remember their sacrifices in daring to speak up against injustice. 

If you join us in this belief and wish to contribute as they rebuild their lives, we invite you to consider requests for support to Diamond Reynolds and Louis Hunter through the following fundraisers: 
Support Diamond Reynolds

Support Louis Hunter

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