Help us Raise Funds for Minneapolis NAACP

As a Women's Organization dedicated to Intersectional feminism, and protecting the rights of Minnesota women, we are working to amplify the voices of the strong, dedicated groups doing the important work of social justice, human rights, and equality in Minnesota.
The Minneapolis NAACP is leading the way to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination. They will be sending a team of delegates from Minnesota to their National Convention to highlight the best practices for success that their branch uses; this team continues to be recognized as leaders of the National NAACP Movement.

We are issuing a challenge to the WMM Community: partner with us to support the Minneapolis NAACP and their goal to send a team of delegates to the National NAACP Convention at the end of July.
Women’s March Minnesota, and it’s volunteer Steering Committee is issuing a $1,500 challenge match for our community.  We will match your donations with ours (organizational and personal) up to $1,500.  

Please follow this link to make your donation today

And then send us a quick email at and we will send in our matching donation!

We have a deadline of Monday, July 17 at midnight, so don’t delay!!!

ON behalf of Women’s March Minnesota, THANK YOU, for believing that WE ALL DO BETTER WHEN WE ALL DO BETTER.