Call Govenor Dayton to Thank for Vetoing the Pre-emption Bill

Thank you, Governor Dayton! And thank you to everyone who contacted him about these bills!

On Tuesday, the Governor vetoed the pre-emption bill. Hooray! While he signed the tax bill into law, he line-item vetoed funding for the MN Legislature until they remove a number of provisions that he calls “extremely destructive to Minnesota's future” – i.e. Tobacco Tax Breaks, increases in Estate Tax Exclusions, ban on driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, and the new teacher licensure. Hooray again!

His letter on the matter to the MN GOP leadership is really worth reading

And here are his letters of explanation on each bill/action:

Although there are still provisions in these bills that are compromises, please consider thanking the Governor (651-201-3400) for the strong stance he has taken on these issues. And thank you again for being part of making this happen.