Call to Action: Tell Governor Dayton to stay strong in support of progressive values.

At this point in the legislative session, Governor Dayton is increasingly important as someone to be in touch with about bills you are concerned about and want him to veto. We will try to keep this list of specific bills updated, but are falling behind right now. However, we believe it is as useful to call the Governor's office and let him know how crucial you feel it is to stay strong in support of progressive values and then list the issues you are particularly concerned about. (K-12 education, Higher Ed, Healthcare, Public Transport, Gun laws, the Environment, Anti-Protestor bills, Pre-emption bill etc. The person answering the phone at the office has a big sheet in front of them and they spend all day taking phone calls and listening to messages and tallying the number of calls they got about each issue and whether it was in support or not. Pick up that phone. The assistant is really friendly. Here's the number to call: 651-201-3400. 

• Oppose provisions that defund the Pre-K program. (HF890)
• Oppose underfunding our public schools. (Dayton’s budget plan calls for $900 million, the Republican plan $300 million. (HF890)
• Oppose tax credits for donations to private schools (aka “neo-vouchers). (HF4/SF2255)
• Oppose Republican plan to shift money earmarked for Public Education and Health (in the General Fund) to transportation infrastructure and claiming to deliver bridges and roads without raising taxes. (HF4)

• Oppose the defunding, delaying and gutting of existing environmental protections, including buffer laws, the Environmental Quality Board, and citizen control of environmental review boards. (All in HF888)
• Oppose the plastic bag pre-emption language that prevents cities from passing laws that minimize use of plastic bags. (HF2209 and HF4.)
• Oppose efforts to undermine or block public transport including light rail. (HF861/SF1060; HF4/SF2255)

Health Care
• Oppose undermining Minnesota Care, as politicians move to get control of healthcare costs (HF5/SF720).

• Oppose Stand your Ground legislation (Stand-alone bill HF238).

Real ID
• Oppose the House Real ID bill that doesn’t allow undocumented drivers to get a license (Stand-alone bill HF3).

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