We Belong Together - Action #7

For Action #7, We Belong Together, we invite you to join us in participating in the Kids Week of Action. Unite with children and families across the country, empower young activists and commit to making communities a welcoming place for all. This action is centered around the concept of unity and family, and the belief that children have a critical role to play in the resistance movement. This action is part of a collaboration with other agencies working for justice, unity and families. 

There are four ways you can participate: 

1. Create an action that brings kids together to demonstrate uniting for common good.  Here are some ideas:

  • Bring youth together and take on a community project like cleaning up a neighborhood play area, painting the house of neighbor in need, collecting food for the neighborhood food shelf. 
  • Gather youth together to participate as in a local event, march, or rally.  For example, the Minneapolis May Day parade is Sunday, May 7th.  It is a fun event for all ages and promotes social and environmental justice.
    • Since 1973, In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, who puts on it's famous annual May Day Parade and Festival, has maintained its mission to bring people together for the common good through the power of puppet and mask performance.  HOBT brought its exquisite "Every Mother" puppet to our March, you may recall seeing her being carried by many hands, while she held the earth (photo attached).  You can learn more about the theatre and about the parade by visiting their website: https://hobt.org/
    • Women's March Minnesota will have a table at the May Day Festival, held right after the parade at Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis. To learn more about the festival and print out a map so you can find our table: https://hobt.org/mayday/festival/.  Stop by and see us!
Every Mother HOBT puppet leading MN Women's March

Every Mother HOBT puppet leading MN Women's March

  • Join or create a #WeBelongTogether Unity Circle in your community. The purpose of Unity Circles is to define spaces that are safe and welcoming to all, such as schools, athletic activities, parks and playgrounds. The intents is to discuss how we can make the the world a safer better place for all kids representing diverse faiths, races, and ethnic traditions because kids know deep down all kids are kids and love for our neighbors rules the day.  Consider inviting local leaders to participate. Resources:

2. Learn more!  

 3. Write postcards to elected officials. Gather a group of kids and youth to write postcards to your local elected officials.  Download and print the postcards on this website or create your own.  Some potential topics are:  funding for education, protection of the environment, access to affordable healthcare, protection of families from unfair immigration policies. 

  • This also might be a good time to review civics! Learn about the legislative process of moving a proposed bill through committees, through the chambers, and ultimately to the governor.  Follow a bill and learn the best times in the legislative process to have your voice heard.  From Idea to Law: A young person's guide to the legislative process. 

4. Share the story of your actions on social media and use the hashtag #WeBelongTogether. 

The past six actions in our 10 Actions / 100 Days Campaign have been an incredible experience of learning, organizing, mobilizing and most importantly, RESISTING together. THANK YOU for continuing this new path of women-led activism with us, and send us your feedback for this and future actions at actions@womensmarch.com!

In solidarity,
The Women's March MN in collaboration with The Women's March