It’s Caucus time in Minnesota – get involved!

Years ago, small but determined bands of Republicans caring about a single issue started showing up for boring local meetings. Their goal?  To ensure any candidate running for local office in Minnesota had to be "pro-life" to get out of the starting gate. It worked.

Now, many years later, it's our turn to START SHOWING UP.  Want to be able to vote for a candidate you're excited about? A candidate who represents your views? Want to help set Party issues?  Now is the time – literally NOW.  SHOW UP for the boring local meeting known as your CAUCUS.  

Don't worry if you have never caucused before, or have forgotten how!   Even if you don't understand this complicated and often baffling process, you can still  go and meet people who do!  

For St Paul Caucus and candidate details see:

For Minneapolis Caucus details see:

For areas outside the Twin Cities, contact the MN Sec. of State to find out when your local caucus is:

For more info on the process see:

Useful article from last year on what to expect:

For info on how to write a resolution:

What if this year twice as many people showed up at the caucuses than usual? What if a bunch of them had women's march t-shirts and/or pink hats and/or Resistance buttons? 

We've been showing up for all kinds of demonstrations.  Why not demonstrate that we are SHOWING UP NOW to choose and the next rounds of candidates at local, state and national level, and to shape the platforms and policies of the future.