As we started planning a candle vigil we were reminded how fortunate we are to have so many incredible organizations that are doing such amazing work in this area. We would never want to take away from that. Because of this Women's March Minnesota is transition away from holding a physical vigil in the metro area.

Instead we will be posting other ways to stay involved and be apart of the #WomenForSyria event while still supporting other efforts. Such as a minute of silence at 6pm on Thursday (when the candle vigils were suppose to be) and attending other events in Minnesota, such as this: https://www.facebook.com/events/1433404456734554/?ti=icl

It remains that we know that Syrian refugees have endured extreme vetting and are eager to find safety and security. We want them here. Let them in.

We continue to stand with Women's March on Washington and sister marches across the country for a virtual vigil at 6pm local time on Thursday April 13th along with a minute of silence, to let the people of Syria know they are not alone. We hear you. We see you. If you are interested in holding your own community vigil, please email: action@womensmarchmn.com and we will be sure to share your vigils on our social media sites.

Share your virtual vigil on social media using the hashtag #WomenForSyria. Together, let's send a strong message that we stood up; we spoke out; we were not silent in the face of these atrocities