CALL TO ACTION: #INeedERA #ERANow media blitz!

The Nevada Assembly just voted to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment: the first state to do so in 40 years! 

Now we want to hear your stories why the Equal Rights Amendment is important to you! 

It’s time for the social media campaign! Please join us today and tomorrow 4/22  and 4/23 as we declare why #INeedERA and why we need #ERANow. Share your personal story on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all other social media platforms. Feel free to include a filmed testimony in your posts.

Here sample social media posts: 


1.     #INeedERA because my college said I was responsible for my ex’s harassment because I picked up the phone. #ERANow

2.     #INeedERA because I deserve to be paid for the worth of my work, not the (85- Asian American Women, 78-White Women, 63-Black Women, 54-Latinas) cents to the dollar my employer can get away with. #ERANow

3.     #INeedERA because I shouldn’t have to worry that I need to choose between having a child and having a job. #Motherhoodpenalty #ERANow


Post your full story and include #INeedERA and #ERANow in the body of the text.


Post a photo of you with a piece of poster that says #INeedERA and #ERANow and why we need the ERA in the Constitution.

Loud and clear, everyone! Let’s raise the issue of the ERA up to the level of national news!

Get ready to ROAR!


Photo Credit: Erin L. Eddy

A SCall to Action