2019 March Speakers

Pre-March Rally Speaker

⭐️Miss. Shannan - pre-March emcee and comedian
⭐️WMM Board of Directors
⭐️Brianne Benson - College student from Winona
⭐️Lillian - Jr. High School Student

[10:30 AM - March starts]
[12:00 PM - Rally at State Capitol]

Rally at State Capitol Speakers

⭐️Erin Maye Quade & Alyse Maye Quade - EMCEE’s
⭐️Janessa Marquette - WMM Board of Directors
⭐️Hailey Dickinson - High School Student
⭐️Rene Ann Goodrich -Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
⭐️Allie Thomas - College Student
⭐️Kara Lynum - Immigrant Attorney, working at the border
⭐️Kelis Houston - Founder of Village Arms and Child Protection Committee Chair of NAACP-Mpls
⭐️Anika Bowie - Vice President of NAACP-Mpls
⭐️Montha Chum - Release MN 8
⭐️Jovita Morales - Minnesota Immigrant Movement
⭐️Monique Cullars-Doty - Community Activist
⭐️Sara Schonwald, NCJW-MN (National Council of Jewish Women)
⭐️Asma Mohammed, RISE (Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood of Empowerment)
⭐️Hope Hoffman - Young Activist
⭐️Congresswoman Ilhan Omar - US House of Representatives, CD-5
⭐️Muna Galbayte - High School Student
⭐️Natasha Phelps - WMM Board of Directors
⭐️ Chauntyll Allen - Closing the program with the Assata Chant