“Our unity is our strength and our diversity is our power." ~ Kamala Harris, U.S. Senator (CA)





ACER; African Career, Education & Resource

The African Career, Education & Resource, Inc is an issue based organization founded in 2008. A volunteer-driven and community-based organization, in the northern and northwest suburbs of Minneapolis. Committed to creating access to education, jobs, adequate health, housing, and the means to build wealth and financial assets.

African Career, Education, and Resource (ACER) engages African immigrants living in the north and northwest suburbs of Minneapolis to advance equity and eliminate disparities for the area’s large and growing African community. ACER also works regionally where we see opportunities to make connections that improve the quality of life for African immigrants.


CLUES; Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio

A linguistically and culturally relevant resource and service nonprofit organization by Latinos for Latinos. Our programs and services connect families to resources, skills, institutions, and systems and create  an environment for people to be engaged and empowered. CLUES programs are designed to provide access to resources and opportunities for Latino families and individuals to be healthier, prosperous and engaged.

Services focus on the Latino family, yet our experience and capabilities enable us to serve individuals and families from all walks of life including new immigrants and low-income families who dream of a better future.

Vision: A thriving multicultural community enriched with confident individuals and families who contribute their voices, skills, entrepreneurial spirit and cultural richness.